SurfFIT by Ocean Flo Movement

For many of us, walking out the front door down to the surf each day is not an option. Then on the occasion the surf is pumping or we gear up for our annual surf trip, our surf fitness level is generally not where we want it to be. So I’ve decided to create a range of SurfFit classes you can take at anytime, and as many times a week as you desire, to help with maintaining surfing fitness, so when you get in the water you feel stronger, fitter and have more explosive power. 

Surfing is a sport, and just like any other sport there is a vast range of exercises that can improve your performance. SurfFIT will give you the basic understanding of the range of exercises we need as surfers, and is available to suit all abilities, from beginners to more advanced. 

Surf FIT 🏄🏼‍♀️ is a total body exercise system that utilises FIT: Fuctional, Intergrated, Training. Triggering multiple muscle groups in a various ROM, these strengthening and stabilising exericses provide faster and better results than more traditional cardio and strengthening programmes. In collaboration with Black Belt Martial Arts Trainer and Exercise Science, Yoga, Pilates Teacher the workout gives amazing results balancing the body in all three planes; Sagittal, Coronal and Transverse. With SurfFIT you will enjoy increased strength, power, agility, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

All the exercises and classes that have been put together will have the following in mind....


Stay Tuned for a range of SurfFit programs by Ocean Flo Movement.